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What is a Health Coach?

Health Coaching is about creating change through conversation,  moving clients towards action, exploring ones goals, motivations and ambitions and supporting and growing a clients mindset for change.  A Health Coach is there to help you wade through all the information coming out everyday on different health benefits of particular foods and exercise guidelines. Instead of using a crash diet, or eating fad, a Health Coach works together with a client to create habits that are sustainable and realistic to your busy lifestyle without feeling overwhelmed and to actually reach your health goals once and for all.

How can a Health Coach Benefit Me?

Regardless of whether your health goal is to lose a certain amount of weight, get better sleep, lose the brain fog, increase energy, or to manage your health condition better, a Health Coach can definitely benefit you. With the vast knowledge base a Health Coach has, you are in the hands of a professional who wants to help you find the best solutions to your health struggles.

 You get individualized attention, you are listened to, and you have someone by your side as you implement, alter, and adapt these new health habits you are trying to put in place. Who doesn’t want someone in their corner, cheering them on with researched health advice that is being integrated into their current lifestyle?

What is the difference between dieting and health coaching?

Diets have been proven to be ineffective long term where the yo-yoing effect can actually be more harmful than helpful. Health coaching takes a deeper and more holistic approach which will enable you to achieve lasting lifestyle and behavior change.

Is my personal and medical information safe?

Yes, absolutely.  Any collected personal or medical information is stored on a telehealth platform that is safe and used by GP practices and dieticians.  Additionally as a health coach I am bound by the ICF (international coaching federation) code of ethics.

What does a Session with a Health Coach Look Like?

After the initial consultation where we discuss your goals, your current struggles, and if we would be a good fit to work together, we start implementing small changes to your weekly routine and your daily life. During our weekly phone calls, we make a plan together on how you want to best put our discussion into action.

With small changes, reflection, honesty with yourself, and some work, we’ll support you to change your patterns, create positive behaviours, and reach those goals.

How do I get Started with a Health Coach?

If you are ready to create lasting habit changes, skip the yoyo dieting, or manage you health better? Then working with a one-on-one Health Coach is going to be perfect for you. 

What is the difference between therapy and coaching ?

Therapy is for recovery and coaching is for discovery